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Letter Perfectʼs Mission is to be the best stationery store in the United States!

We dig deep for the most unusual, outstanding and newest products. We design cutting-
edge invitations and papers for the discerning taste. We fuse original design with event
planning. Letter Perfect will teach you etiquette while maintaining the balance of your
personal circumstances. Our design staff will manage your paper and event needs with
meticulous, detailed care.

While stocking the basics and tried and true products that everyone needs, we search
for todays best of the best!

Our motto is show me the new!

Letter Perfect has expanded with a patio store stocking Giatti outdoor teak furniture and
fabrics and the most amazing custom handmade pots for garden. Leslie designed the
shape and our talented Kirstie custom molded them.

We have been helping our clients for more than 26 years in a warm and inviting
atmosphere. Experience the difference of experience!

Letter Perfect

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